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Happy emotionally strong people through
Equine Therapy and Learning…

What if a horse could teach love, trust, communication, empathy, appropriate boundaries, healthy conflict resolution, teamwork, creativity, honesty, patience, and resilience? What if a horse could motivate and empower a person to be their best and happiest?

They can, and with Flying Change they do. 

Through Flying Change we have seen clients of all ages and backgrounds motivated by the guidance, acceptance, and love of a horse to grow into happier, healthier, more peaceful, and more loving people. 

In Equine Assisted Psychotherapy a licensed therapist and an equine specialist together develop and implement a therapeutic program of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy as a treatment intervention for children, teens, adults, couples and families. Activities with the horses bring up therapeutic issues and provide opportunities for insight and resolution.

In Equine Assisted Learning the relationship between human and horse is used to promote exploration of feelings and behaviors, and to enhance and teach healthy life skills. Equine Assisted Learning includes life coaching and personal development, including team building and executive coaching. In partnership with horses these experiential opportunities are designed to improve self knowledge and skills in the areas of communication, confidence, healthy conflict resolution, teamwork and leadership skills, effective parenting and relationship building.

In Equine Assisted Education our therapy horses are incorporated in activities intended to promote educational and vocational goals. EAE is open to students with emotional and behavioral issues that have impacted their learning needs but is also open to students who can simply benefit from an experiential component to traditional classroom based learning. 

Our Equine Therapy and Learning services are provided through:

  • Individual, Family and Group sessions

  • Therapeutic Summer & Holiday Programs for Youth

  • Therapeutic Respite

  • Retreats for Women and Couples

  • Family Reunification Intensives

  • Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Therapeutic Vaulting

Under the guidance of trained counselors, coaches, educators and horse professionals with specialized training in the field of equine assisted growth and learning we use proven interactive experiences with horses to foster emotional, social, spiritual, and psychological growth. Our program provides clients with experiential opportunities to practice healthy life skills in a physically and emotionally safe environment, and the confidence to take those skills back into their family and life. Each client is treated as an individual: goals, and session plans are carefully matched to the needs, temperament, and emotional goals of the client.

A special bond grows between our clients and their horses. Developing empathy for their horses and learning to support their equine partners creates an awareness of others’ feelings, interests and needs. Individuals who learn to treat a horse with kindness, respect, responsibility and loving discipline are empowered to be better parents, better partners, better students, employees and friends, both as children and adults. Learning to share power and develop partnership with a 1000 pound animal is a tremendous boost to self-esteem. The joy, confidence, and infectious sense of accomplishment gained from life skills learned at the barn transfer to a client’s life.

To learn more or speak with our team, please email Lissa@FlyingChange.org