Our Mission


Flying Change has always had a heart for the rescues of the world – horse and human. We feel for those who are orphaned or abandoned, for those who have felt left behind and need love. We are moved to fight for those who would thrive if only they had the support they needed…If only they had a chance to survive, a chance to fight. 

In 2002, Flying Change Equine Therapy expanded its mission to include rescue horses. By then we had collected a herd of beloved therapy horses that were all either rescues or retired show horses. We recognized in our program the therapeutic depth of our horses’ histories. Just like our clients, our horses had stories to tell, wounds to heal, lives to rebuild. Alongside our clients we learned from our therapy horses that what was once a wound can become a source of strength: that it is possible to take the things that have hurt you and become stronger in the broken places. What we think is an end can become a beginning if we have the strength and support to prevail. 

So we set out to rescue foals, the children of the horse community. We began with PMU foals and then expanded into Nurse Mare foals. These foals have become the MercyFoal program of Flying Change, rescuing foals and pairing them with our clients for mutual healing and growth. 

For more information, email Lissa@FlyingChange.org